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Some customer reviews from our Isle of Wight Under the Stars


Thank you very much for your amazing hospitality last weekend at the IOW Festival. We all had so much fun and you truly exceeded expectations. You and your team produced an amazing experience for your guests!

- Customer from Under the Stars 2022

"We had a great time and you and the team were superb. It is rare to see such a great team in these environments but they were all very attentive, worked incredibly hard, very polite and even more than that friendly and chatty (which made a big difference). I am sure this is testament to an incredible amount of hard work by yourself but it definitely paid off!"

- Customer from Under the Stars 2022


a huge thanks for such a great weekend, you and all of the team made it fabulous and a really memorable time, please pass on our appreciation to all of the team who worked so hard and were fantastic.

- Customer from Under the Stars 2022

We had an amazing time, you and all the workforce make it an great weekend, thank you all for the hard work!

- Customer from Under the Stars 2021

The food was top tier - absolutely epic that we can find good food on the festival site!! Looking forward to midnight steaks next year!

- Customer from Under the Stars 2022

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